Week One – The Journey Begins

A Majority of mankind lives in the world without; few have found the world within, and yet it is the world within that makes the world without; it is therefore creative and everything which you find in your world without has been created by you in the world within. – From chapter one of The Master Key System.

Thoughts create emotions that leads to feelings, that leads to actions, that leads to results. The Master Key System teaches that it is in application alone that the value consists, and that a practical understanding of this law will substitute abundance for poverty, wisdom for ignorance, harmony for discord and freedom for tyranny.

I have read the Master Key System in the past but I haven’t applied the teachings until now. So now I have finally started to apply the system by doing the first exercise given in chapter one. That is to first secure complete control of the body by sitting upright alone in a chair without lounging, letting your thoughts roam while remaining perfectly still for fifteen minuses to half an hour.

I did 15 minutes the first day… 20 minutes the second day, 25 minutes the third day and 30 minutes today. It was both difficult and easy for me. Difficult to resist the urge to move to scratch an itch, but easy because the time passes quickly.

A small price to pay to take back my power!


Steve Shulenski

PS, Unfortunately The Master Key System IMO… Has been hijacked and used to sell New Age Secrets to the masses who are looking for magic bullet solutions to their problems. The video below does a fair job of explaining this… and Og Mandino does a great job of showing us the truth!

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3 thoughts on “Week One – The Journey Begins

  1. Hey Steve, great job on Your first post!
    Happy for You that You have Your head in the game and do well with the sit already!
    Thanks for sharing the video!

    Peace // Claes

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