Week 8 – The Thinking Switch

This week was all about connecting the dots and seeing things differently. But how does one go about seeing and thinking differently? Well, one way is to give your brain an upgrade by installing new software in your necktop computer….

In western society, we have been operating on “Logic Software” for over 2000 years…

We tend to view things in black and white… either or… right or wrong… and we get caught up in defending our viewpoint instead of escaping to something up to 10x better.

Isn’t it time to upgrade the software running in your Necktop-Computer (Brain)?

I recommend… CVS2BVS.

(CVS) = Current View of the Situation.

(BVS) = Better View of The Situation.

CVS2BVS is simply switching your current view of the situation to a better view of the situation, and there s always a better view of the situation. But to see it… you have to first escape from your CVS by actively looking for a BVS that is 10x better.

Now here’s how to go about doing it… the inventor of the CVS2BVS Brain Software is giving away his software and the installation manual away for free… via a direct download link. Nothing to buy and no opt-in required. Download the book here! and check out his “59 Second Course In Thinking” in this video.

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2 thoughts on “Week 8 – The Thinking Switch

  1. That’s pretty cool! Thanks for sharing it. I was reading an article just yesterday that was highlighting the power of changing how we view a situation. It didn’t have an easy acronym like CVS2BVS but the premise was the same. Great stuff.

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