Week 7 The Mental Diet

Part of the MMKA Experience during week7 is going on a positive mental diet. As it coincides with the presidential elections it will be a bit of a challenge to successfully complete it. The Seven Day Mental Diet by Emmet Fox should be easier than going 21 days without complaining.

The 21-day complaint free challenge is one diet that I have never completed successfully and I nave been attempting to do for years.   Hopefully, I will be able to successfully complete this 7 Day Mental Diet also giving up the news for a week and for a news junkie like me, it will be challenging.

Can I stop tuning into the news and tune into what I really want instead? Not likely this week. Opps… nowI have to wait 24 hours before starting the diet all over again… Have you completed the diet?

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4 thoughts on “Week 7 The Mental Diet

  1. Hilarious timing to go through the mental diet during the presidential election – I wonder if anyone at all can pull this through 😉

    How does this compare to the 21 days of no complaints now after You´ve tried it out?

    Mahalo, I appreciate You!

    Peace // Claes

  2. I like the cover of your blog. During the election I smiled until my cheeks hurt and verbally stated “Day 1” a few times. 😉

    • LOL… Thanks Jenny, I’m still saying Day 1 every 3 – 4 days.
      But it does seem to be getting a little easier. Just yesterday
      I was in a shop buying a cotton shirt for the hot Australian
      summer and the shopkeeper could tell that I’m an American from
      my accent… she said… With Donald Trump president I wouldn’t’
      want to be black in America today… I just smiled but still could
      not bite my tongue…. and so I told her… I wouldn’t want to be
      black no matter who’s president.

  3. Hi Claes, The mental diet is a litter easier…. for one it’s only 7 days and as long as no one mentions the election to me I’m fine. And since I now live in Australia it doesn’t come often… Thank God!

    However… I lose it when someone asks… Why would anyone vote for Trump? or when they say… I guess America just isn’t ready for a female president.

    I have to learn to pause and respond instead of automatically reacting.


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