Week 2 – Changing The Blueprint

My second week with The Master Key Experience is more challenging than I thought it would be. It’s been much harder for me to control my thoughts compared to controlling my body. Last week I spent 2 months in the hospital fighting for my life due to being infected with a  antibiotic resistant bacteria that caused kidney failure.

As my kidneys began to shut down the pain was immense. Every breath I took really hurt, as if someone had taking a baseball bat and whacked with all their might on both sides of my lower rib cage.. The ICU staff administered pain killers but the pain was so excruciating, I thought I was going to die that night for sure.

So I took control of the only thing I could… I slowed my breathing and paced my breath while slowly repeating the mantra “This To Shall Pass” over and over for hours until the doctors started me on kidney dialysis the next day.

Controlling my breath and focusing my thought by repeating the mantra helped me get through the most painful time of my life. So I thought this weeks MKS exercises of controlling my body and thoughts while not being in pain would be as easy as eating a slice of pie.

Wrong again… I got bitten by sand flies and mosquitoes a couple of days ago and remaining perfectly still, resisting the urge to scratch was difficult. But I manage to do it for 15 minuets each day… what I didn’t manage so well was controlling the chatter of my monkey mind.

But I’m forgiving myself because I’m just getting started with sitting meditation and I realize that all the chattering thoughts in my head are just my old blueprint and subconscious programming resisting change. Here’s a 2 minute video on common blueprints that you may like to change.


But how can we change our old blueprints?

Well that’s what The Master Key Experience and Alliance is about…  practical methods for changing your  old programming and blueprinst by taking bite size pieces of teachings from Charles Hannel, Napoleon Hill and Og Mandino combined with Mark J’s teaching method and his index card system!

I read Hills book “Think and Grow Rich” years ago but passive reading alone did little good. I knew what I needed to do but this Master Key Experience has finally given me tools to make it happen. My old Blueprint doesn’t stand a chance now thanks to Mark J, his wife, The fabulous Davene and my Master Key guide “Off The Grid Hiker” Dr. Claes Wallenberg.

Here’s a video on creating your DMP (Definite Major Purpose) using Auto Suggestion as taught by Napoleon Hill. But Marks Index Card System is a fantastic tool for actually doing it!

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5 thoughts on “Week 2 – Changing The Blueprint

  1. Awesome story, Steve, thanks for sharing Your experience. I´m grateful You made it through to tell us how You instinctively took control over the only thing You could control back then.
    And just how irritating can a insect bite be when life is not in danger, right?

    Mahalo, I appreciate You!

    Peace // Claes

  2. Steve, you already overcome something that would have been difficult for most people: pain; this will be a slice of pie for you. Looking forward to reading your progression.
    Be Blessed,

  3. Hallo Steve, my name is N. Culina, your experience sounds very exciting. I would like to contact you personally.
    Grettings from Austria.

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