Week 15 – Poor Richard

This week part of our Master Key experience is doing the Franklin Makeover and beginning Ben Franklins most popular book which is his Autobiography. Years ago I was introduced to many of Ben Franklins quotes and thoughts thanks to attending a 3-day workshop by the Franklin-Covey Day Planner company. Probably still the best productivity tool on the market.

I’m working on several projects daily and I can’t multi-task, so the skills I learned at that workshop 28 years ago are still paying off for me today. I’d be lost without my to-do list and day planner. It keeps me focused and on track, helps me to work on what matters most first, and gives me a sense of self-satisfaction each time I tick off one of the daily tasks. What I don’t get done is simply re-evaluated and either dropped, or carried forward to the next day.

I’m so far behind on my reading that I decided to continue cheating… by going to youtube, searching for an audio version of the book, then downloading it as a MP3 file so I can listen while I drive, exercise cook and clean.

About the only time I’m not listening to something is while sleeping and during my daily meditation sessions. If it wasn’t for meditation I think my head would explode from the stress of information overload.

I enjoy learning and never want to stop growing but I really need to consume less information while practising what I’ve already learned. And since I’m kinda lazy I look for easier ways to get stuff done.

Like I said, I’m not good at multi-tasking so listening to audio books while doing other stuff is not as effective as really focusing on reading Ben Franklins words but it’s a good start.


PS… The Autobiography is 7.5 hours of audiolistening at:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfulxLKypr8 Below is a 2 hour Documentary on Ben Franklin’s life.

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One thought on “Week 15 – Poor Richard

  1. Thanks for Your honesty and sharing Your creativeness, Steve! Audio is great – do You feel it gives You the same impact as actually reading the book?

    Peace // Claes

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