Week 14 – Rudy

This week all members of The Master Key Experience got to select from a list of (4) Inspirational movies (all based on true stories) to watch and write about. The choices were: Door To Door, Rudy, Cool Runnings and October Sky.

I’ve already seen Door To Door and Cool Runnings years ago, so I went to Youtube and typed in “Rudy Trailer” and that led me to the full movie “Rudy”.

Here’s a 12 minute video featuring the real Rudy
(played by Sean Astin in the full movie)


The film demonstrates how a how Rudy was a dreamer whose childhood friends, family and teachers discouraged him from going for his dreams. And how Rudy decided on Rudy wanted to play football for University of Notre Dame (His Definite Major Purpose) despite his lack of physical size or athletic ability.

Rudy came up with a plan of action, then went about executing it with a passion, overcoming all of the many very difficult obstacles standing in his way. While attending college Rudy learned he has dyslexia so he got a tutor and kept his grades up with plain old persistence and hard work.

What Rudy lacked in physical ability and size, he made up for with his burning desire to achieve his dream, a great positive attitude, and help from many mentors (Master Mind) along the way. The football coach never planned on letting Rudy actually play in a game but he did wish that he could put Rudy’s heart into the bodies of the other players.

Rudy finally got to play for the final 27 seconds of the last game in his senior year.. He tackled the opposing team’s quarterback, the game ended, the crowd went wild shouting his name, and his teammates hoisted Rudy up in the air and carried him off of the field. That’s where the movie ended but I was curious about what happened to Rudy after that game.

Turns out he became a motivational speaker, sold insurance for 10 years, invested in real estate projects, started a sports drink business, wrote a book, got Hollywood to do a movie about him, then got fined $382,866 by the Securities Exchange Commission. (Hey… nobody’s perfect)

Rudy paid the fine and today he’s still giving motivational speeches… you can hire him do give a speech to your group for as little as $17,500.00

Here’s a 15 minute segment of a speech he gave

There was one quality of Rudy that the film did not give enough credit to… that was Rudy’s willingness to not only take hit after hit after hit in life and on the playing field, I believe he used a psychological tool or principle (long before it was discovered) called “The Reversal Of Desire” or “Bring It On”.

Here’s a video that explains this tool. Please take it and use it to get what you want out of life.



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