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Sunday September 20, 202o

The Times Leader Newspaper Wilkes-Barre Pa

From Zero To Hero
Wyoming Valley Native Strikes Gold Downunder
by Mike Stevens

Gympie Australia – Is where gold was first discovered in Australia and it’s just one of the many towns downunder in Australia that Steve Shulenski has been hunting for gold with a metal detector and a camera.

Steve was born and raised in the preston section of Hanover Township, PA. In August of 2004 he flew to Brisbane Australia, gained dual USA – Australian citizenship, and started potographing Faries and Unicorns in the land Downunder.

In towns all across Tasmania, New Zealand and Australia he prospected for gold and shiny objects with his camera and a used metal detector he purchased from a pawn shop..

But he felt like a pack rat trapped in a cage on a threadmill instead of the hero and adventuer he feels like today. Living in an old house on Scureman Street in Wilkes-Barre in the spring of 2003 Steve was jobless and brankrupted.

All he had was a computer, a beat up 1983 Honda Civic and a camera. He was a couple of weeks away from being homeless and he was stuck in a low paying dead end job at MicroFilm Data in Kingston PA. 

Things started to change when a friend suggested Steve read the book “The Sience of Getting Rich” by Wallece Wattles. Steve sreached on Google and found a online forum devoted to studying the teachings in the book.

After a couple of weeks he posted a message on the forum and 7 months later he married the first person who responded to his first post.

His wife “Susha” traveled from Australia to visit Steve in October of 2003. They married in December and Susha had to return to Australia to wait on a USA visa.

That’s when doctors discovered “Susha” had a brain tumor so Steve packed his bags and put enough money together for air fare and he moved to Australia in August 2004.

After several years of shooting and selling portraits in a strange land, Steve started prospecting for gold on the internet in his spare time. He started selling “Digital Fantasy Backgrounds” to fellow photographers arcoss the globe thanks to a website he put on the internet.

Steve calls it a mini-digital-glod-mine because the website he built years ago still earns him several hundred dollars each month on 99% auto-pilot. All he does is check his emails once a day for payment notifications and to anawer the occasonial question.

He was mention in the book ” Moonlighting on the Internet” by Yanik Silver on page 172 but was only earning about $1,000 per month online at that time.

His wife Susha had a successful operation to remove her tumor. Steve and Susha started a Traveling Fantasy Portrait Studio specialzing in photographing children as Fairies and Wizards.

But after Susha's operation they went their seperate ways.

The business took off but Steve and Susha drifted apart so they seperated in Febuary of 2012 to pusue seperate dreams.

Susha moved to NewZeland, opened a couple of clothing stores and travels to Italy a several times each year to puchase new stock for her stores while Steve continued to travel around Australia shooting and selling fantasy portraits.

When Susha came to Wilkes-Barre in 2003 to meet up with Steve she brought along a book that she said influenced the author of The Sience of Getting Rich.

The book Susha brought with her was ” The Master Key System” by Charles F. Haanel. On the font bottom of the book is printed “Edited by Anthony R. Michalski” published by Kallisti Publishing Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

 What a coincidence,Steve was surprised because he had met Tony Michalski a couple of times in the past but was unaware that Anthonyhad started a publishing company right up the road from where Steve lived.

Steve read the Master Key System just before moving to Australia but never practiced the exercises in it… not until he was awarded a Free Scholarship to The Master Mind Experience in September of 2016.

The Master Key Expereince study group changed his life. Steve put the principles into action and the Master Key System helped him to become a product of superior habits.

Today Steve owns several websites all earning him daily profits on 99% auto-pilot. It takes him less than an hour a day to monitor and fullfil his digital orders earning him over $12,000.00 every month.

Steve says he was a Zero when he moved to Australia but now he feels like a hero to his Grandchildren because he now visits them anytime he wants without worrying about an income since he is able to work from any place he can get a Wi-Fi connection.

Steve will be in Wilkes-Barre with his Grandchildren visiting Friends for the Holidays and he is treating his Grandchildren to an Australian adventure during their 3 month school vacation next year.

Steve enjoys traveling, camping, hiking, photography and teaching others how to earn $200 – $800 a day working from home online.

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