Master Key Thinking Meditation

The 2016 Master Key System Study / Alliance Group Will be starting in another 7 days.

I’ve read sections of the Master Key System Book and purchased a audio version from but passively reading and listening to the book is just not going to be of much benefit without doing the meditation exercises.

I expect that many people who are starting on this journey with me next week won’t last very long due to that the fact that it’s low cost (Free Scholarships) to get started (easy-in, easy out) and there’s typically no built-in accountability with self study (like you might have at a formal institution like a university or Mark’s online once a year study group), so it’s easy to quit.

Plus, thinking while sitting alone in a room is really hard work that many people will not stick to for very long, without studying with a group where every member is assigned an accountability coach. To take control of ones life requires more than just study. It requires actually doing the exercises and sticking with it until the daily meditations become an effortless daily habit for you. Why meditate? This video explains some of the benefits of participating in thinking meditation daily….

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