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Today is September 16, 2016 and Donald Trump is now tied with Hillary Clinton in the Polls.

I believe Trump will win in November but he alone can’t make America Great again. Only you and I can.

Some of my friends are asking why I’ve committed to Join Mark J and several hundred others in the 2016 Master Key System Alliance when it looks like it’s so much work?

It’s because I want to feel great again… that’s the best way to Make America Great Again… Be a hero… Do the work… Keep your promises and stay the course.

Below is a video of some of the folks who stayed the course in 2014. They paid it forward to 2015 and those who stayed the course in 2015 paid it forward to myself and over 300 other people. To Make America Great Again requires good men and women to step up their game, make a commitment and keep their promise to do whatever it takes to be great!

Hope is not a strategy and staying the course won’t always be easy… at times it will be difficult and the easiest thing will be to quit. Staying the course will be challenging but well worth it.Besides,  If I don’t keep my word, stay the course and pay it forward, then how can I ever feel great again about myself?

And feeling great is what we all want isn’t it?

Everything we do is done to make ourselves feel great. Think about it. We don’t really want the things we say we do… You don’t want a million dollar a year income, you don’t want a sexy spouse, you don’t want exotic adventures do you?

What you really want is to feel the way you think having those things will make you feel.

It’s time to make myself feel great again so I can help make America Be Great and Feel Great Again. When will you commit to staying the course, keeping your word / manifesting a new reality for you and your loved ones and feeling really great again?

Feeling great is an addiction you must learn how to control so you don’t end up taking the easy way out by resorting to very bad strategies like taking drugs, stealing, lying and cheating. Those kinds of strategies to feel good may seem to instantly work but always end up robbing you of everything that really matters to you… unless you quit the bullshit and turn your life around.

The bad news is there is no easy way out. But, The Master Key System will help you change your blueprint by teaching you better strategies to get what you really want.

It won’t always be easy… but it will be worth it!


Steve (Ski) Shulenski

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