Week 5 – Keeping Up

Wow… Keeping up with everything has been a real challenge this week. I’m doing well with my daily reading and meditation practice but being self-employed I’m struggeling to get my blog post in on time and wacthing the Digital Connections course webinars that come as a bonus with the Master Key Experience is extemly difficult […]

Week 4 – Habits

“Life is expressive and it is our business to express ourselves harmoniously and constructively, Sorrow, misery,unhappiness, disease and poverty are not necessities and we are constantly eliminating them. But this process of eliminating consists in rising above and beyond limitation of any kind. He who has strengthened and purified his thought need not concern himself […]

Week 3 – The Great Architect

 Thanks to my Master Key System Guide Claes Wallenberg I’ve been refining my written DMP statement with the following quote in mind. The daily sits are not as easy for me as the first week. Probably because this weeks instructions include relaxing the body…. whenever I do, I tend to get sleepy. This week I’m seeing […]

Week 2 – Changing The Blueprint

My second week with The Master Key Experience is more challenging than I thought it would be. It’s been much harder for me to control my thoughts compared to controlling my body. Last week I spent 2 months in the hospital fighting for my life due to being infected with a  antibiotic resistant bacteria that […]